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Offer participants an attractive alternative to traditional investments such as stocks at an acceptable risk.

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Invest from €100,000

ISIN: NL0015001DD5

This entry level is available to anyone who wants to participate in Circle Fund from the minimum required lower limit.

Invest from €500,000

ISIN: NL0015001DF0

This class is for anyone who wants to immediately benefit from significantly lower costs and for those
who move on from the entry class due to additional deposits into the fund.

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ISIN: NL0015001DE3

This class is for anyone who wants to invest in Circle Fund in US Dollars.

Invest through your bank/broker

ISIN: DE000A3G95N4

This listed certificate allows investors to gain exposure to the performance of our fund without actually acquiring shares in the fund.

Past results
of the Circle Fund strategy
Return 2020
(from November 1)
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Balazs Simon

CEO & Fund manager

Balazs Simon

CEO & Fund manager

After his studies, Balazs worked for 11 years as a fund manager at various international investment companies. In that role, he has gained extensive experience in foreign exchange trading. Over the past nine years, Balazs has continued to focus on fund management and the development of its own trading systems. In 2016, Balazs successfully completed his studies as a compliance professional AML/CFT.

From March 2017 to September 2019, Balazs led the Maltese investment fund Heritage SICAV Plc, which belongs to Audentia. From 2019 to the end of 2022, he led Heritage SICAV Plc's investment committee. Audentia is a European regulated AIFMD Fund Manager with a total assets under management of €1.4 billion.

Han Vermeulen

Advisor & Institutional sales

Han Vermeulen

Advisor & Institutional sales

Han Vermeulen has built up an impressive track record in the world of asset management. After studying economics and finance, Han worked for several years at the Dutch Trade Company, now ABN Amro.

As a former Managing Director at James Capel (HSBC), Han has specialized in fund management and institutional advice. Over the past two decades, Han has used his expertise at various Dutch asset managers, including IVM Asset Management, Aberfeld Asset Management and Fintessa Asset Management.

For several years, Han also held the position of board member of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (Euronext). Han plays a key role as advisor to Circle Fund, focusing on fund management and the company's institutional growth.

Panayiotis Christodoulou

COO & Relationship Management

Panayiotis Christodoulou

COO & Relationship Management

After completing his studies in London, Panayiotis held the position of Head of Sales at regulated financial institutions for several years. As a seasoned business developer, over the past decade, he has deployed his expertise to three leading companies on various continents, always under the supervision of national and international regulators such as FCA UK, CMA and ESMA.

His leadership ultimately culminated in the role of Head of Business Development department, where he led a team of more than 70 employees. Panayiotis' track record includes successfully placing more than €150 million in institutional and retail fund assets.

Why Circle Fund?

Invest in a proven strategy

Our applied strategy has a positive track record that spans several years, starting in November 2020.

Fair, low costs

We are convinced of the effectiveness of our approach and therefore use a “hurdle rate” of 10%. This means that no performance fee is charged on the first 10% return you achieve. In addition, the performance fee is only calculated afterwards at the end of each year.

The favorable combination of a low cost structure and the “hurdle rate” ensures that your return with us can be significantly higher than with funds without a “hurdle rate”.

Reliable and secure

We are registered with the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (fund ID: 50032906) and affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid) with connection number 400.000499.

The fund assets are placed in a separate foundation, the Circle Fund Legal Property Foundation, which is managed by IQ EQ Custody B.V. to ensure proper separation and protection of participants' invested funds.

IQ EQ Custody B.V. is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank.

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Beleg in swap arbitrage obligaties en ontvang een vaste rente van maximaal 11% per jaar met kwartaaluitkeringen.

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